Sinclair’s Gully Winery, Adelaide Hills
288 Colonial Dr, Norton Summit SA 5136, Australia


Brett Coghlan and Clementine Menz

Shaun was spectacular on the day. He not only was an excellent DJ in playing the songs that we wanted, coordinated with the celebrant for ceremony music, and played the music at correct volumes (low during dinner particularly) but also as great at coordinating with our MC, caterer, and the owners when we encountered a few issues.
There was no power point at the ceremony site but Shaun spoke to the venue owner and celebrant and solved that problem without needing any input from us, he continually checked in with the caterer to adjust the schedule when the food service ended up being slower than expected, and he was very adaptable.
He also kept us informed and made useful suggestions as to how to adapt the schedule which we usually accepted and he liaised with the caterer/venue owners/MC to make those changes happen. He also coordinated with the venue owners to start the fire pit when it got really cold and getting extra lights set up.
He was very punctual in showing up on time before the wedding and he was also very professional and very nice. We are extremely happy with the services he provided and think he was worth every penny that we paid for him and we will certainly recommend him to anybody we know in the future that needs DJ services.


Annalisa Krieg

Because he’s good craic (fun in Irish). Honestly he was so friendly and made everything perfect. We will go out of our way to recommend him. He was great with last minute changes and coordinating everything.