It can be hard to figure out why the costs for different DJ companies varies widely from $200 to $5000. Here are a few of the factors why we charge what we do

– Talent Agencies charge in the $2000-5000 range for famous DJs. We’ve used these agencies ourselves for our nightclub nights and unless you have money to burn or want someone famous to play at your wedding we think they’re a little overpriced unless you want the exclusivity.

– Volume Agencies are relatively cheap because they put out a lot of DJs at a low wage, cheaper equipment, less customisation to make their profit.

– Boutique agencies like us charge more but I believe offer the most value because out equipment is Industry Standard (RCF/ Pioneer/ Shure/ Sennheiser/ Allen&Heath/ Chauvet etc) and we pay our crew 400-700% more than the volume agencies to attract talent.

– Wedding compete with corporate and public gigs for excellent DJs. Any great DJ will be in demand for high paying, easier gigs. If any DJ only performs at weddings it’s usually a red flag.

– The industry is unregulated, so anyone can say they’re a DJ. I started about 17 years ago now, ran nightclubs, music policies for bars, Vinyl, MP3, Mini-disc, CD, USB, Laptop and over 10,000 hours of actual DJing between clubs, bars, weddings, corporates and birthdays. Then add on music, taxes, insurances and licensing fees.
Because there is no regulation of the industry there is nothing stopping anyone putting up a website and claiming they can provide the same service as me unlike most trades and professions.

The final consideration is that we only want to DJ for couples that appreciate what we bring to the party, life is way too short for boring weddings.