We recently had a chat with Kate Forsyth from Good Day Rentals about planning, styling, décor, hire for wedding –

• How did you get into being a owner of the planning, styling, décor, hire business?
Dave and I wanted to hire vintage furniture for our own wedding back in Dec 2013 – but we couldn’t find anyone who did chairs and tables and lounge furniture and it was more rustic than we were into. I’ve always been a big eBay fan, loving the thrill of finding cool stuff. So we decided to hunt down what we wanted for our own wedding and start a business. Because why not!

Kate Forsyth from Good Day Rentals

• Why do you enjoy what you do?
Creating stuff that people love. Meeting couples in one of the best times of your lives and helping them to have a wonderful experience planning their weddings. Working with other like minded wedding vendors and creating and designing things together. Wearing fun clothes to work everyday and never having to go to corporate meetings anymore! The feeling when you are working on the design for a couple’s wedding and suddenly all your ideas fall into place and you know they are going to love it, is just the best!

• What’s the biggest mistakes and myths about wedding venue decor & hire?
People are often shocked about the cost of delivery – or they want free delivery. Having a truck on the road, doing hundred of kms with one or more staff, on weekend and often late at night, is costly and we do feel like we have that conversation a lot!

• What do you believe about the wedding industry that no one else believes?
That it shouldn’t be overly serious or earnest. It’s meant to be fun and it should be fun. We try to make a big fuss over every couple, and when people come to our office, we bust out the booze and have treats and just big lovely chats about how they met and what they want to achieve for their wedding. PS I don’t think I am the only who thinks this, but I also think weddings are often take WAY too seriously!

• In the lead up to a wedding, what have you noticed your clients doing that ensures a great wedding experience?
Getting people on board who you like and trust – and then trusting them to do their job rather than being in every detail. Saying yes to their creative team and being blown away by the outcome!

• What is the disaster that you closely averted, that the client never even knew about?
Nope. Nothing. We are really very perfect. Good day.

• What trends have you noticed over the last 12 months?
Don’t care about trends. Truly. Run your own race! Plus we are into vintage which is a style not a trend.

• What trends do you see developing over the next few years?
The only trend I care about is the one where people are truly making their weddings their own. People are pushing further and further away from unnecessary traditions that don’t speak to them and that is a trend I can get behind.

• What kinds of ‘wedding planning, styling, décor, hire’ are you not good at?
Serious, black tie, white, traditional stuff. We attract couples who want kick arse parties, with colour and light and fun and a definite touch of the weird and wonderful and this is what we love and excel at.

• What is your advice for people that have just had their wedding and they want to start their own wedding business?
If you are a very hard worker, and you are good at persevering and starting from scratch, then do it! Start small, set up one little thing at a time (your ABN, your bank account, website, set up your socials) and chip away at it. If you have passion and some skill, you’ll prob do great. And why not try?

• How can people get in contact with you?
They can call our office on (03) 7018 8509,
visit our website www.gooddayrentals.com.au or
check us out on the socials; Insta @gooddayrentals_vintage FB and Pinterest @gooddayrentals