Wedding DJ/MC Planning Videos

This is our wedding planning section

This video is a brief introduction to our complete wedding planning video


This next video is our complete Griffin Alliance Wedding DJ and MC wedding planner video.
I recommend that you watch this video through once with your Fiance(e) and have a discussion about the points discussed throughout the video. It is quite long but it is the most condensed we can make it without missing important parts of the planning process.


I came up with this video and worksheets through meeting with hundreds of my wedding clients in person and in consultation with our other DJs and MCs. This video covers 90% of the content in a in-person meeting with our wedding clients and allows you to move through it together with your partner (unfortunately its hard to get all three of us to meetings) at your own pace. I recommend listening to it while your driving in the car or cooking dinner together.

I find it’s best to listen to the video and then write some notes over the next few days, you’ll find that your best ideas for your wedding will come when youre at the supermarket or at work, the gym or yoga class. Just capture those ideas or song ideas on your phone and then after a few days match them up with your partner’s ideas and fill out the planner form (as much as is required) and music list. Its usually best to complete the list and then wait a few days for any extra ideas and then email it through to us about 1.5-2 weeks before your wedding.

If you have any questions or want some ideas of how you can customise your wedding entertainment then please give us a call or email and we can give you our thoughts and advice on what we know works (or doesn’t) and how to make your vision for the day become a reality.

After you’ve watched the video and given your planning sheet a first go then it’s a good time to get into touch with your Griffin Alliance DJ and MC and have a preliminary chat. We find that Skype or Facetime calls are best so that you can see each other but phone calls are fine too. We don’t encourage in-person meetings as everything we do at an in person meeting needs to be translated to email format AND a lot of our advice is generally searchable on the internet, so instead of telling you an idea that we think could work, we can SHOW you.

We recommend if possible you organise your Skype/Facetime/Call with your DJ and/or MC so that you have your laptop and partner handy so that you can work through things as a team.

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