An Open-Format DJ mixes multiple genres and types of music at nightclubs, weddings and events.

An open format DJ is perfect if you want more than one type of music, want someone flexible to play towards what your friends/patrons are dancing to (and away from what they’re not dancing to) to make sure they’re having fun!

What are the other options?
– Single Genre DJs: This is what you see in most nightclubs or concerts. DJs that specialise in one mixing and blending one genre or type of music and can’t play anything else.

– Traditional DJs: Also known as “press play DJs” these are the traditional wedding DJs that play multiple genres but don’t mix or blend the songs.

Advantages of a Open Format DJ:
– Have a deep knowledge of a lot of different ages and genres of music
– Can mix music within and between genres if it suits the dancefloor, which means that you can play a lot of music that people normally wouldnt dance to if you played the whole 4-5minute song like a traditional DJ