We often have friends of our clients MC at our weddings, so here are our tips for the first time wedding MCs

Don’t stress too much, your job is to steer the guests throughout the night so that they know the what, where, when and how as well as having a great time while you’re doing it!

1. Planning
There are usually lots of formalities at weddings, know when they are and how the wedding couple want to handle it, whether they want to formal or fun or anything in between. Plan out what you’re going to say and get a timeline from us so that you know the rough plan.
Plan some of what you’re going to say for each part that you can refer to if you need but know that weddings never go to plan, so it’s likely you will need to freestyle at parts of the night.

It’s a good idea to get to know both families and also get to know your friend’s partner a lot more intimately too so that you know what the crowd will be like before you pick up the microphone.

2. Working with others
We (the wedding DJ, plus photographers/videographers etc) want everything to run smoothly, tell us what you’re planning and see if we have any ideas or needs of our own. This usually means letting the photographer or videographer know before starting a formality and checking song choices with the DJ. We can supply a wireless mic for you too, so just get in contact to make sure we have your sorted.

3. Humour
You don’t need to be funny all night, weddings usually aren’t like in the movies and if your personality isn’t as a jokster then it can come off as forced. Some of the funniest MCs I’ve worked with have only had one dry joke during the wedding and it’s brought the house down with laughter because it’s genuine and the timing is perfect.

4. Congratulations
A wedding is at it’s heart a celebration of your friends getting hitched forever, keep that in mind the whole time youre planning and MCing.

5. Encouragement
You’re a cheerleader for the guests, you show them the way and encourage the people that are the focus of your MCing, whether it’s the entrance, first dance or getting applause for someone nervous to make their speech.

6. Keep people in the know
Remind people throughout the night of anything that’s happening, photobooths, donuts, dancing, guest books, cocktails etc.

7. Have Fun
Make sure you don’t forget to have fun yourself, it is infectious and people see you as head of the Party Planning Committee

8. Be succinct
Don’t use any more words then is necessary to get your point across.

9. Speeches
Make it feel good affair, introduce people clearly so that everyone knows who. Make sure that everyone giving a speech is in the room and they know roughly where they are in the order. Encourage them if they’re feeling a bit nervous too.

10. Grand Finale
Every production needs a big ending, archways are usually the quickest but you can do circles or fireworks/sparkler exits or even just a big final song to end the night, even if you have an after party planned.