• Get In Early!

If your wedding is happening during peak season, be sure to start looking around and book your wedding DJ ASAP! Remember, a wedding date during the peak season also means premium pricing. Pro Tip: If you’re on a tight budget, consider having your wedding during off-peak season.

• Know Your Limits

Before you even hire a wedding DJ, find out from your venue or function manager what restrictions they have with regards to noise limits, music curfew, and availability of electrical circuits for the required equipment.

• Choose What Kind Of Music You Want And When

Have a quick chat with the wedding DJs whom you’re considering and discuss with them which era/genre of music you want/like to hear at the ceremony, reception, canapés, and during your first dance (if you’re following that kind of schedule). Determine the DJ that will best fit your wedding and will prepare the setlist for your reception.


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• Make Sure Your Setlist Is Age-Proof

Even if you and your partner are in your mid to late 20s, choosing only music from your generation may tend to discriminate against wedding guests who are either older or younger than you. Discuss with your DJ if you can include a broad range of music from different eras. Most weddings usually feature music from as far back as the 80s to the current Top 40 hits.

• Check For References And Ask The Right Questions

Always ask the DJ for the names and contact information of their last 3 clients. Find out if they have previously performed at your wedding venue or if they’re familiar with the location.

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