Wedding Reception Checklist

Reception Checklist for Griffin Alliance wedding DJs


• Before unloading equipment, verify the room that you are in, and easiest method of load-in.
• Introduce yourself and company to Function Manager.
• Verify set up location in room with Function Manager.
• Set up and test sound system, including each source player, microphone and maybe recording device.
• Check batteries in microphone.
• Tape down all cords with Gaffer Tape.
• View equipment from all guest angles. Make sure your area is spotless and neat.
• Tested, dressed and ready to perform 30 minutes prior to guests arrival.
• Take pictures of the setup from all angles.

Prior To Guest Arrival

• Go over agenda with Function Manager.
• Find out seating arrangements of wedding party. (Man/Woman, all on one side, or with guests.
• Find lighting controls and set as appropriate. Learn how to adjust for dancing, coordinate with Function Manager.
• Turn off house music.
• Pull all special music – Grand Entrance, First Dance, Parents Dances and formalities.
• Pull any specific high-priority requests.
• Listen to each “key” song, and have backup version ready.


• Check volume of music as room fills with guests. Walk the room to get guest perspective.
• Watch for photographer & videographer. Introduce yourself as MC and/or DJ. Give them agenda sheets and go over procedure for entrance, welcome toasts, cake, bouquet, garter, spotlight dances and group interactions planned. Find out if either is taking bride and groom away for more pictures.
• Check on microphone frequencies with videographer for possible conflicts.
• Have photographer and videographer decide on locations for toasts.
• Locate person giving blessings etc and instruct on timing and use of microphone.

Grand Entrance

• Verify with banquet manager that food is ready to go, or find out what the time wait will be, and inform bride and groom as to their instructions.
• Greet wedding party outside or in lobby. Have appetisers and/or drinks ready for them (coordinate with Function Manager).
• Verify all pronunciations and order of wedding party.
• Instruct wedding party on route to dance floor or head table, and energy level anticipated.
• Instruct bride and/or groom on use of microphone if they are welcoming guests.
• Instruct parents as to their introductions. Verify names and years married.
• Make sure videographer and photographer are in place and ready before beginning.
• Make sure you have everyone’s attention before beginning introductions.


• Talk to each member of wedding party, parents, and any others listed on Planner re: toasts. Ask “Do you have a toast planned?” If so, find out what each person is planning to say. Adjust music, drops and order of toasts accordingly.
• Instruct each speaker on proper use of the microphone, and remind them to end with raising the glass, then “Cheers”, “Salud”, Mazel Tov”, etc.
• Instruct wedding party on wedding party dance.
• Check cake table for knife, plate and napkin.
• Locate throwing bouquet.
• Remind bride and groom to visit with guests when they have finished eating. See if either needs to use the restroom prior to speeches.
• Instruct parents on parent’s dance routine.



• Make sure everyone who is giving a toast is aware of the order and is in place.
• Verify all champagne glasses, especially bride and groom’s are full and in place.
• Verify that all parents are in room, even if they are not toasting.
• Verify that photographer and videographer are ready and in place.
• Double check microphone battery.
• Bring bride and groom to the toasting area.
• Instruct bride and groom on sequence to follow. Verify that bride has her garter on if a garter removal is being done.
• Introduce first toaster.


• Verify photographer and videographer are in place.
• Tell bride and groom next activity.
• Direct attention to cake table.
• Announce cake cutting.


• Get bride’s throwing bouquet.
• Find out photographer’s preference for fake count.
• Bring out single women/ladies. (Never say “girls”)
• Check for obstacles for toss.
• Have groom stand by MC to give name of catcher if appropriate.
• Inform bride of count sequence.
• Countdown to toss.
• Get catcher’s name and congratulate and hold for photo if appropriate.


• Remind bride to stand by MC after removal of garter.
• Bring out chair for Best Man
• Bring out single men or gentlemen.
• Inform groom again of count sequence, and remind him to wait for your cue.
• Have bride sit down.
• Music set-up (Verbal)
• Removal of garter (Shut up as MC)
• Move chair or Best Man.
• Countdown to toss.
• Get catcher’s name and congratulate and hold for photo if appropriate.

First Dance

• Give rose to groom if applicable.
• Visually confirm that all VIP’s are in room.
• Confirm photographer & video are ready.
• Be ready to adjust lighting with Function Manager.
• Announce first dance with flair.
• Dim lights as music begins.
• Invite others to join if requested by bride & groom.

Parents or Father/Daughter Dances

• Visually confirm that all VIP’s are present.
• With flair, announce dance and length of marriages if appropriate.
• Invite others to join if requested.

Open Dancing

• Enthusiastically invite guests to dance floor.
• Check volume level from all around the room at frequent intervals.

Farewell Dance

• 15 minutes prior, inform bride and groom that you are beginning final sequence.
• Make sure all VIP’s are present.
• Use bridesmaids to generate circle. Explain their duties carefully and slowly. Do not use drunk bridesmaids.
• Inform bride and groom that dance is about to begin.
• On microphone, and privately, invite guests to join farewell dance.
• End with big finale, and congratulations to bride and groom.
• Exit Music.

End of Night

• Personally congratulate and thank VIP’s.
• Completely clean entire DJ area. Leave no trace of our setup.
• Thank staff at venue.