We recently had a chat with Sarah Aird about Celebrant life

How did you get into being a celebrant?
After a lengthy career in senior administration positions, I had recently left a toxic job and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I went to my cousin’s wedding and was totally inspired by the celebrant! I decided right then and there that that’s what I’d do, and I haven’t looked back.

Why do you enjoy what you do?
I’m a hopeless romantic, completely in love with love. Every week I get to bear witness to people at the absolute height of their relationship, pledging to be the best partners they can be for each other. I love hearing and telling their stories, I love hearing their incredible vows to each other, and I love being part of people’s best day of their lives!

What’s the biggest mistakes and myths about wedding celebrants?
That we just turn up for 20 minutes on the day of the wedding! Hours and hours go into every single wedding, from writing personalised scripts to managing legal paperwork, not to mention the hours that go into running our businesses and learning everything we can about the wedding industry so we can make every wedding ceremony incredible.
Celebrant Sarah Aird
In the lead up to a wedding, what have you noticed your clients doing that ensures a great wedding experience?
Clients who trust in their selected suppliers are going to have the best wedding experience. Ensuring we all have what we need is of course important, but contacting us every five seconds to ask us questions or check that we’re going to do certain things just makes life stressful for everyone! Trust in the people you’ve hired to do the job you’ve hired them for to the very best of their ability, and you’ll have a great day!

What kinds of wedding ceremonies are you not good at?
Formal ones. I get super excited about my couples and their weddings, and I struggle to rein it in and keep myself formal and conservative! I think there should be lots of cuddles and laughter and tears during a wedding ceremony, and some couples want something that’s very formal and traditional; that’s just not me.

What is your advice for people that have just had their wedding and they want to start their own wedding business?
Consider it very carefully. Working in the wedding industry is completely different from planning your own wedding, and it’s bloody hard work. There’s a lot of competition and a lot of work required to stay at the top of your game, so unless you’re absolutely passionately sure that this is what you want to do, maybe just offer to help friends with their own weddings, or just enjoy being married for a little while before reconsidering your plans!

How can people get in contact with you?

www.sarahaird.com.au, info@sarahaird.com.au, 0458 022 190
sarahairdcivilcelebrant on Facebook and Instagram!