Wedding DJ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote from Griffin Alliance?
Please call or submit your phone number on our enquiry form so that we can give you a call. Every event is unique. On a call we can get meet you and get a good understanding of your over all vision for your wedding day and offer a customised entertainment solution.

How many weddings, corporate events and birthdays has your company done?
Many thousands. We deliver around 500 events per year at present.
Just between Daniel Toop in Victoria and David Bartholomeusz in South Australia, we have about 26,000 stage hours at all types of events.
When you add on all the other events that our DJs and MCs have performed at, the experience and skill that our team can deliver is exceptional.

Have you worked at my venue before?
Probably. With so many thousand events to our name, its very likely that we have worked at your venue before. Just ask.
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unparalleled customization based on our direct experience of your venue.

How is it that you are one of the largest operators but also one of the highest rated and most recommended teams in the industry?
We currently accept fewer than 4% of job applicants into our training program.
About 20% of trainees pass the training.
We then get lots of feedback from clients for every DJ at simpler events.
These ratings dictate whether each DJ moves up the ranks and is offered more skilled work, or needs further training to progress to the next level.
Every DJ is rated at every event, so your DJ will be working with you to create the 10/10 performance they need you to experience so they can move up in our rankings.
Because our DJs want to rise in our ranking system, we offer and they attend regular training programs, with as much continuous professional development being offered to our experienced members as our up & coming DJs.

Do you offer different skill levels, tiers or packages of DJs at different prices?
Yes. We have several tiers of DJs. The way we connect you with your DJ is vastly different from most DJ companies.
The DJ we match you with is chosen based on their rating score which is taken from a database of over 5000 past customer surveys of our DJs.
This means that you get the very best DJ that is currently available in your location that matches your budget.
Because of this hard matching system and the fact that you get to rate your DJ, your DJ knows that they need a 10/10 score for you to move up in our rating system and get higher pay and more work from us.
This aligns your wish for a 10/10 performance with the DJs desire to get a 10/10 score from you, and is the reason that we win so many awards and why so many suppliers and clients recommend that you trust us to support you.

What if a DJ can’t perform due to sickness or an accident?
Your special day is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests and when we say that we will stand beside you on the day, come what may, we mean it.
If we’re slightly sick then we just do what we need to and push through so that we don’t disrupt the event.
One of the perks of using a large multiple DJ company is that we have a massive database of quality DJs and MCs as well as instant equipment dispatch capability.
When serious illness or accident strikes, we have an on call DJ ready with equipment that we can brief and instantly dispatch.
When the worst-case scenario happens, our clients usually don’t even realise it until after the event.

How do you handle emergencies?
We have a constantly improving infinite redundancy system that constantly reduces the likelihood of emergency as we become more and more experienced.
Presently this cuts out 99.9% of potential emergency situations.
This level of risk reduction is 10 times better that the industry standard of 99%.
The 0.1% situation is handled with our instant deployment backup system, which is deployed at our cost and triggers an inquiry that is then used to make our redundancy system even better.

How much will a DJ that is qualified to deliver my vision cost?
Every event is unique, and we know that you want your event to be truly once in a lifetime experience. We quote you for what you need to achieve your vision for the day and then give you options for extras you may not have thought of that could add value to your event. This price varies based on your specific needs.
Our focus in on delivering the best possible service at every point in the process and delivering a performance that matches your vision exactly so that you recommend us to others and our business grows.
Our pricing reflects the fact that we use only the highest rated DJs in the country, and state of the art equipment so that we can do this for you.

What happens after I make my booking? What next?
Once you have paid your deposit and been matched with your DJ, they will be very keen to be in touch and will usually call or email with 48h. Start planning!
It’s a good idea to get started early and spent 10 minutes working on a basic song list.
Closer to the day the DJ will need a copy of your running sheet, which will usually be devised in conjunction with your venue supervisor or event planner.
If you need assistance with your song selection or running sheet at any time, just ask.
The more you allow us to assist you, the more we can understand your vision for the day and deliver 10/10 perfection for you on the night.

What types of music will my DJ bring on the night?
We have created our own collection of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s through to recent music that is updated weekly based on the requests of our clients and the current music on the charts.
We also ask you to tell us which songs are your favourites and make sure that we have them all for your event.

Can I choose my own music?
We very much wish for you to choose your own music.
This allows us to create a personal musical experience that is unique to your event.
With your quote, you will find a song request list, just fill that out and send it back to us. We have over 40,000 songs in our current library and if some of your songs are not in our current library we will locate and purchase the exact songs that you want to hear on the day at our cost.

What about songs I do not want played?
We get you to supply us with a list of “do not play” songs to inform us of music that you think is inappropriate or of a style you don’t like. In a lot of ways the “do not play” list is as important to us as your definitely play selection because it gives us a deeper insight into your vision for your event.

Will my DJ take requests on the night?
Ideally, yes. If you allow us to take requests, we will take requests.
It is certainly our preference to do so as then we can tailor the music to the needs of your guests and thus create a more memorable event for you.
We will not play any songs that stray in to the genres of music that we know you don’t like based on your do not play list.

Do you play “cheesy” music?
We can if you would like, but only if you request it.
We work with you to figure out your must play songs and must not play songs so that we can cater precisely to your vision for your wedding day. Because we DJ at a large variety of events, we have a broad range of music knowledge and leverage that for you so that each event is unique.

I feel like I need guidance with planning the music for my event?
We’re the experts and happy to help. Give us a call so that we can find out exactly what you’re looking for. We will work with you to create a customised selection based on your vision for the day.

Is there a limit to the amount of music I can request?
The limit of music we can play is about 16 songs an hour.
We recommend that you choose between 10 and 30 of the songs specifically and let us know the vibe you’re looking for and we can fill the rest of the night with requests from your guests and using our own knowledge as DJs.
However, if you wish to select more or less songs than this or dictate exactly what songs you want us to play from start to finish, we respect your choice to do so.

When do I need to submit my music requests and event details?
Two weeks prior is best and seven days prior is the minimum that we can guarantee we’ll have all the songs on the list ready for you. Its best to send in a list the week prior and then add any last minute song additions 2-3 days later if required.

Can you send me your complete song list?
We can but we prefer not to. Our library is expansive and we will only play a tiny selection of the overall library at your event.
We want to customise the music to your specific tastes and create a customized live entertainment experience on the night, so we prefer you to give us detailed information about music that you like and dislike and let us know the specific songs that you thing your guests will most enjoy.

How will my MC behave?
We take a conservative and customized approach to MCing at weddings and corporate events. Because we’re not a family or friend that knows the dynamics between everyone in the room, we make sure not to say anything that might be inadvertently construed as inappropriate or offensive.
We can be more formal or casual, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. Just let us know your vision for the day and we will oblige.

A member of our wedding party is our MC, could our DJ MC some of the introductions?
Yes, just let us know what parts you need us for and we’ll coordinate this.

How long with the DJ play for?
We customise each quote for your particular event, so for as long as you need.

Will my DJ start on time and DJ right through to the finish time?
Yes. The booking time quoted is for actual performance time.
We typically set up one hour prior to performance time, and pack up begins after our allocated performance time is complete. If you need us to set up more than an hour before performance time then please let us know.

Will you need a break?
No. The music will play continuously all night unless there are speeches or you request it. If you supply a meal for us we will eat at our station or return to our station within 8 minutes if you prefer us eat back of house.

If I book you for certain duration and then decide on the night that I would like you to perform for longer, is that possible?
We are happy to DJ overtime as long as the venue is happy to stay open. We do ask that you let us know if overtime is a possibility so that we can book your DJ in with the understanding that they may need to work later than planned and also so they can plan their playlist accordingly.
The overtime charge will be in your booking form and you can pay in 30-minute increments.

If I don’t tell you in advance, can I still get the DJ to play extra hours on the night?
It’s at the DJs discretion, most of the time we will be more than happy to do so.

What kind of equipment will be used at my event?
We use a custom designed audio and lighting system that is clear and loud and delivers a 0.1% failure rate. This makes us 10 times more reliable than the industry standard for provision of audio and lighting systems.

Will our equipment be sound checked?
We sound check our equipment before it leaves our warehouse and we set up approximately an hour before the event so that we can sound check again before guests enter the room.

Do you bring backup equipment?
Each piece of equipment has a backup redundancy so that if any single point should fail then we can continue our performance without interruption. We also have a warehouse facility stocked with additional backup equipment that we are able to express deliver to any site 24h a day 7 days a week.

Can I use your microphone for our speeches?
Yes. You have the full use our microphone for the duration of the event. Even if the venue has their own microphones we will always have ours available as a backup as part of our 10 times better than industry standard policy.

What will the DJs setup look like at my event?
Our usual systems consist of 2 speakers and stands, a DJ deck case and 2 lights and presents a very neat picture to your guests. To have a look at photos of our set ups please go to our facebook page

Do you have additional sound, lighting or AV gear we can use?
Yes. We do, everything from subtle, classy mood lighting all the way through to photo booths, lasers, UV canons and smoke machines, just let us know what kind of effect you’re looking for.

Can my DJ supply equipment and play music at our ceremony as well?
Yes. Just let us know that you need us to assist and we can liaise with you and the celebrant to bring our 10 times better than industry standard capability to your ceremony.

Our venue already has a sound system. Can you reduce your price by using theirs?
Probably not.
Many venues have sound systems that are not up our 99.9% reliability standard to make sure that we create the best event possible.
If the venue has an in house production company, then pass on their quote for this service to us and we will liaise with them to ensure that they are delivering a reliability standard that we are willing to work within and then come back to you with a recommendation about whether to use them or use us for the equipment we will use.

Will you display a banner or signage at my event?
No. It is your event, not ours.
We trust that our performance will be such that your guests will approach you or us for further information should they need our services
We probably met you through a 10/10 past client referral or and amazed co-suppliers & venue connection and we’re happy to keep it that way.

What will you wear?
What you tell us to wear. Our default is smart business casual and we’re happy to change that to be more formal or informal depending on your event.

Will my DJ use funny bow ties, costumes or party props?
If you ask us to we can, but we are qualified to generate an excellent result without resorting to these methods of entertainment. If you want us to wear a costume to fit your theme we are happy to do so.

Can we meet up?
Crafting your event is a creative process so we like to meet with you over skype, phone & email multiple times before the day. If you want to meet with us or your DJ in person, please let us know.

Can I see you working live at an event or wedding?
Privacy expectations of most Australians means that we don’t allow potential clients to attend the private events of our existing clients.
You can see videos of us performing at private functions on our Youtube channel . Ask us which public venues we supply DJs to on a regular basis if you want to see one of our tem members in action!

What areas do you service?
Planet Earth. We are based in Richmond, Victoria and Adelaide, South Australia so that we are central and able to provide DJ and MC service to all areas of South Australia and Victoria. Dan & Dave also regularly enjoy flying interstate and overseas for destination weddings and corporate events when a client who shares our passion for perfection wants our quality assurance delivered in a remote location.

Do I need to provide my entertainer a meal?
No. You do not have to provide us with a meal but access to a main course is very much appreciated, so long as the caterer is charging you for our main course only.
If the caterer wants to charge you full price for us, tell them no and notify us and we will bring our own food and allow you to use that money to have another person whom you love attend your wedding.
If you do feed us it ensures that we’ll be operating at peak function, which gives you better value, but this is not a requirement.
We can eat at our DJ console, at a guest table or at a “suppliers table” out of sight of guests, which ever you prefer.

Will my DJ drink alcohol?
Our policy is that our DJs must not be intoxicated while performing at events and most of our DJs prefer zero consumption while on station. However, quite often the father of the bride or another distinguished guest will insist on a drink with us and we’re generally happy to oblige but limit our intake to a maximum of one drink every 3 hours.