If you are interested in joining our team then get in contact with us ASAP, we are always looking for people with:
AMAZING communications skills
AVAILABLE weekends
ALWAYS learning and improving your skills
ON time and organised
PASSIONATE about creating amazing events for our customers
LICENSED to drive a car

Thinking about a career as a DJ or MC in Adelaide or Melbourne?

If you are considering joining our team, please consider our values.

These values represent what we know from over 20 years of working with people in their quest to become a sought after professional DJ.

1: Keeping promises

Our word is our bond. When a Griffin team member says that will do something, they do it. They communicate clearly with colleagues and clients so that everyone understands their intentions. Then they follow through on what was promised and then close the circle of communication to ensure that the desired outcome has been created for everyone involved. Our reputation for doing what we say precedes us and thousands of people every year trust us to create memories that will last a lifetime. We know ourselves as people of our word. Every time we keep a promise we grow in self-esteem and confidence to be a person who creates a better future for ourselves and those around us.

2: Active Leadership

The world belongs to the doers. In keeping our promises we become active leaders who inspire the best in others by being the example in action for those around them. When a challenge presents, and active leader sets their ego aside, acknowledges fear of the unknown and then takes an action to move things in a positive direction, trusting in their ability to communicate through challenges as the arise and their desire to make the best of every opportunity.

3: Influential Communication

When we keep our promises and lead by example we are presented with the opportunity to inspire previously unimagined action in our colleagues and clients. As active leaders we know that what we do and how we do it communicates far more than words, and we know that by communicating in impactful ways we can make what was previously thought to be impossible happen with ease.

4: Dedication

We know from experience that the things that have made this team stand out amongst the crowd, time after time, have mostly happened after the point where a sensible, reasonable analysis would say to quit. We know when we have reached the point where a sensible person would give up, When we get there we get excited, because we know that going beyond this point takes us to a place where the status quo no longer applies.

5: Innovation

As we lead though example and keep our promises in environments where the reasonable no longer applies, we have the opportunity to reveal deep insights in to how things can be done in completely new ways that make the impossible seem like child’s play. It is in this creative space that many of the innovations that make our team unique have been first glimpsed. Working every day in a team where such insights are inevitable creates a work environment that is constantly laden with the possibility of a game-changing discovery.

If that’s you then get in contact!

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