Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal Checklist

Griffin Alliance Ceremony Rehearsal Checklist

Pre- Arrival:
Compare notes with Function Manager/Wedding Coordinator:
• Clarify path for Wedding Party’s Processional.
• Set up chairs with aisle for Parents and Grandparents.
• Verify Bride’s Pre-Ceremony location.
• Verify Groom’s Pre-Ceremony location.
• Locate needed power supply for Audio Equipment if required.
• Confirm arrival time to set up for Ceremony.

Arrival of the Wedding Party
Discuss Agenda with Bride & Groom, Wedding Party, Family Members and the Celebrant/Minister:

• Have everyone involved introduce themselves.
• Line up Wedding Party at the Ceremony Site.
• Have Parents and Grandparents take their seats.
• Put the Celebrant/Minister in position at the Ceremony Site.
• Verify location of the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer during the Ceremony. (standing/sitting)

Verify the Ceremony Details
• Talk through the Ceremony plan with all involved.
• Verify location of Unity Candle/Communion Elements if required.
• Verify proper hand placement for Groomsmen. (right over left/left over right/hands clasped behind back)
• Remind Wedding Party to always face towards the Bride, turning towards her when she is in position.
• Practice Escort’s hand-off of the Bride to the Groom.
• Verify timing of Bride’s hand-off of Bouquet to Maid/Matron of Honour and when it should be handed back.
• Verify who will have the Rings and when they will be handed over to the Minister.
• Verify the timing of the Unity Candle, handfasting or Communion during the Ceremony
• Verify the timing of any special songs to be played during the Ceremony. (recorded/live)
• Verify the timing of any special readings to be done during the Ceremony. (scripture/poetry/reading)
• Verify the timing of any special presentations during the Ceremony. (roses for mothers etc)
• Show Groomsmen how to offer their arm to the Ladies and then cover with their other hand if required.
• Perform practice Recessional so that everyone ends up in their staging areas for the Processional.

Check seating arrangements are made for parents and grandparents and let them know where to sit and make sure they have a place in the shade prior to the ceremony so they’re not in the sun too long.

Practice the Processional
• Have Celebrant, Groom and Best Man (and Groomsmen?) walk out to their positions for the Ceremony.
• Have Bridesmaids (and Groomsmen?) walk out to their positions for the Ceremony.
• Have Maid/Matron of Honor walk out to her position for the Ceremony.
• Have the Flower Girl(s) and/or the Ring Bearer(s) walk out to their positions for the Ceremony. (Applause!)
• Have Bride and her Escort, usually Father of the Bride, walk out to their positions for the Ceremony.

Practice the Recessional
• Have the Bride and Groom make their exit.
• Have the Wedding Party make their exit.
• Have the Escorts come and remove the Parents and the Grandparents.
• Verify any closing announcements the Minister will need to make.

• Ask if anyone has any questions.
• Confirm that the Marriage License is secured and who will look after it.
• Verify arrival times of all involved in the Ceremony.
• Thank everyone for all their help and go and celebrate.