Want to know how I stay organised as a wedding MC while Im DJing events all across South Australia, from Adelaide city to the Barossa Valley?

Daniel, who DJs for brides across Victoria, from Melbourne CBD and right down the Morning Peninsula, swears by this checklist as well.

Before event

Ensure you have a list of the full names of all the speakers and accurate running sheet of whole night

Check name pronunciations will all people who will be announced

Clear jibes with people who will be jibed

Liaise with bride, groom and best man as to what would constitute a speaker crossing the line and what the actions is

35 minutes before

Check with function coordinator that the room is prepared for on time start and adjust time schedule if not

30 minutes before

Gather ushers and ask them to start letting people know to take heir seats

25 minutes before

Mic Check

20 Minutes before

Tell Best Man that people will be seated shortly

15 minutes before

Address guests formally asking them to take their seats

10 minutes before

Address guests formally asking them to take their seats

5 Minutes before

Check that bridal party is ready to enter, send ushers to gather straggling guests


Ask all guests to stand for the entrance of the bridal party

Announce bridal party

Let people know when they can take their seats


Welcome distinguished guests

Introduce self, define host (usually best man) and introduce function coordinator by name

Define how the guests of honour would like to be interacted with and how they wish the guests to behave

Explain any cultural elements of the night

Overview the basics of the running sheet for the guests

Explain menu and service style

Explain restroom location

Explain the event exit process and timing

Key Elements to Introduce

(This is a typical order used, timings and order vary)

Entrée Speeches – Parents & Others

Cake Cut

Main Speeches – Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bride, Groom

Dessert Speeches – Telegrams, Open Mic

First Dance

Open Up Dance Floor

Father Daughter Dance



30 Minutes to Exit

Announce last drinks and ask people to charge their glees for final toasts and bride an groom preparing for exit, explain exit procedure

Thank host, room captain, parents, distinguished guests

15 minutes to exit

Ask people to begin the exit procedure

5 minutes to exit

Conclude exit procedure, farewell toast to bride & groom

I hope this is useful! If you are looking for any more Wedding MC ideas, Im here to help!

David Bartholomeusz