Everybody wants an absolutely rocking wedding, with all the guests remembering it for all the fun they had especially on the dance floor. That’s why booking the right wedding DJ could spell the difference between a wedding for the ages or one that made them bored!

Here then are the 5 Tips on Booking the Perfect Wedding DJ


• You Get What You Pay For (or sometimes less)

People often talking about getting bang for the buck, but if a DJ isn’t important for you then just use an iPod or Spotify. You’re paying for a total wedding experience. There’s only one Daniel Toop. His value as a highly experienced Melbourne wedding DJ and the professionalism he brings cannot be replicated on a shoe string budget unfortunately.

• Go With An Open Format DJ

Open format DJs mash different genres of music together, allowing wedding guests — young and old — to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Think Michael Jackson, then NSYNC, then Ne-Yo, then The Chainsmokers, then Eurythmics, then Usher, then Bee Gees. It’s the DJ’s job to create a unique experience so everyone at your wedding enjoys themselves. Good music has the power to bring people together and escape from life’s stresses. This is why song selection and timing is a must to your wedding’s success regardless of it it’s in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula.

• Get The Chemistry Right

Chemistry always plays a critical role in choosing a wedding vendor. Be sure to talk with your wedding DJ prior to the big day, whether it’s on the phone, Skype, Facetime or in person. This will relieve stress and ensure you’re making the right choice. Begin with looking up the person/company online and reading their reviews. Check out any videos they may have from other weddings. If you like what you see, talk with that wedding DJ to make sure you hit it off in person.

• Ask What’s Under The Hood

The right entertainment gear adds ambiance to your wedding reception instead of taking away from it. Special lighting as well as a DJ booth that’s strategically placed make your wedding reception look expertly designed and clean. Ask your wedding DJ what gear he has and how it looks in a ballroom, backyard, or wherever your wedding reception venue is. Check us out on Instagram to see what our set ups look like in different settings

• Say What You Want

It’s YOUR wedding, not a replica of someone else’s. Express to your wedding DJ what your vision for your wedding is. Some couples have specific song lists that they want to be played during the night, while others give the DJ the creative freedom to play what they feel will keep guests grooving on the dance floor. No matter if you’re an 80s or an RnB fan, make sure you communicate your wants and needs, so you and your wedding DJ are on the same page.

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