Event Song Request Planning

How to fill out your music planner

We will send you a music request list, fill it in and send it back to us so that we can get your music sorted for your event

Favourite Chill out music

This is for early in the night while guests are arriving and a great time to play either themed music for your event or some chill out music that we can’t play later when people are getting ready to dance.

Must Play Songs

There are your DEFINITE must play songs for when you’re on the dancefloor, they can be your personal favourites or the songs that you know your family and friends always love at parties.


Must NOT Play Songs

This is the list of songs that you definitely DONT want played at your party.

You can also let us know which songs you would prefer we don’t play unless they’re requested by guests.

Types of Music you Love

We have a few different categories for you to choose your favourites from, this gives us a great idea before we even get to your event, what kind of music we will be playing. It also means that our DJs can pre-prepare to make sure they get extra music if they need to as part of their preparation.

Types of Music you Hate

These are all the types of music you’re not fond of so that we can avoid them if possible or discuss with you if we think that it might be a problem (ie someone that wants new music all night and also wants their parents and grandparent to dance all night).

Would you Us to Take Requests

We find that 99% of our clients want us to take requests but you can choose for us not to. Most people ask us to take requests BUT not to play anything off their Do Not Play list.


Music Planner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I give you 20 Must Play Songs?
Not really. It’s better for you to choose the 10 FAVOURITE songs that you love when you’re at a PARTY.
We find from our experience that having too many MUST play songs leads to a average event as there are really only 10 gold songs in that list followed up with lots of songs that people love when they’re at home or at the gym. Keep in mind there is plenty of space for favourite artists and genres below.

One of Griffin Alliance DJs point of difference is that we employ great DJs, which means that we can fill in the holes between your requests with songs that we know will generally work for your friends and family or work colleagues. If we have too many “must plays” then often flops as we feel like we need to play them all rather than play what we know would work well.

We want some cultural (Italian, Greek, Saudi, Croation, Russian etc) songs, can you play them?

Yes definitely!
We love cultural fusion weddings and event and are more than happy to play your music.

We recommend that you write down the artist and track names for all the tracks you would like us to play and we’ll buy the correct versions for you.
Since there are so many differences between a lot of songs by region and families (as certain versions are often played at ALL family events) it’s really important that you let us know which versions you want.
We usually recommend that you have 1, 2 or 3 blocks of music depending on the amount of time and also the mix of cultures and ages. We can discuss this with you when we talk about music before the night.

Do you have a song list you can send us that we can choose from?

We used to have lists but we found that events without s list were way better.

Most DJ companies use iPod or Laptop Jukebox software that they give to all their DJs and it has all the music from their “list” on it, so they can get to an event and play music of a list that a client has ticked off.

We work totally different in that we employ great DJs and the upside of that is that you have someone that takes pride in reading a dancefloor and being able to react to it.

We found that with song lists, people tended to tick hundreds of songs and we either had to ignore some tracks or have a boring event.

How do we pick songs for our Song List then?

There are lots of ways to pick your favourite songs

  • What are your favourite moments at weddings, birthdays or events in the past?
  • What festivals have you attended?
  • What was your favourite song with all your friends in highschool or university?
  • What music do you play when you go to the gym?
  • Listen to the radio and notice songs that you love?
  • Look through your iTunes, CDs, Records and Spotify and find songs that get your toes tapping
  • Let us know a few songs and ask us for some other ideas from our own experience to help jog your memory
  • Remember that we also carry lots of music to every event, so if you think of songs on the night of your event then there is a good chance that we will have it with us (if it’s a song that people will normally request)