Just a little update from us for our clients during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

What we’re doing
The Australian government has basically shut down our events in the short term; both public and private. We anticipate that these restrictions will be gradually lifted over the next three months and that they will start to truly lift by september and October/November 2020.

Our policy is that we will continue to honour our bookings as long as the government allows us to, with the proviso that our staff are not sick (to protect you and your guests we will substitute another DJ in this case as per normal) and that none of your guests or venue puts our DJ in risk (ie sick guests or illegal gatherings).

For event cancellations (more than 14 days prior to the event)
Our normal policy is to keep the full deposit payment, this is why we recommend postponing events so that it is a win-win situation.
Due to COVID-19, we are offering 25% of the deposit back to bookings with event dates from March through August (inclusive) 2020 on compassionate grounds.
Example: On a $400 deposit this would mean you get $100 back and we keep $300 instead of the usual $400.

COVID-19 Postponements
From March 2020 to September 2020, we’re allowing our clients to postpone their events to another date that we’re available and move their deposit across to the new date. The new date has to be within 1 year of the original Event Date to help you find a new date that works for all of your vendors.

Prices will remain the same unless you are booking to a more premium date than your original booking. If you contact us before you confirm your new date then we can let you know if there are any additional charges.
Example: Your wedding is off-peak winter saturday and you’re rebooking on a peak summer saturday/public holiday/major event date.

This is our recommendation of how to go about Postponing your event

1. Reach out to all your vendors and find out what their policies are. Most should offer a postponement with deposit moved. You can check your rights here on the ACCC website.

2. Ask your venue for all their available dates (please consider sunday-friday and winter dates too as many of your vendors are booked up most peak saturdays and by the end of quarantine I think people will party pretty hard regardless of the date!

3. Put the Dates into a Doodle Poll (https://doodle.com/en/) and add all your vendors.

4. Reach out to your vendors and let them know about the poll so that they can show their availabilities.

5. Hopefully at least one date should have everyone available (huzzah!), pick your favourite and let everyone know that this is your tentative date and contact your venue to lock it in.

6. Lock in the date with your venue and share this with all of your vendors to change to the new date

7. Make a few margaritas. You probably need it.

If you have any questions then feel free to call me on 0412 127 282 to have a chat.