With advertising and social media being so prevalent we’ve gone from old school terrible-ness like your blood line or lineage, relation to kings or queens. In some ways it made people more content as they knew that you were born into your position in life and made the best of it.

Now we’ve moving towards the opposite end where gravitating to celebrity and access to money to buy material things. The hustle culture means that some people can cross boundaries (ie Meghan Markle entering royalty) but the downside is that for 99% of people the reality is that they’re not going to cross those barriers. Even worse is that we don’t see the sacrifices that many of those people make to get there such as Taylor Swift’s paying $150k to produce her first album or the influencer who’s taking steroids to maintain their physique and destroying their health long term. We also don’t see the people that make all those efforts and don’t make it and are terribly unhappy.

Ordinary is no longer good enough.

Especially when it comes to the events and wedding industry there are SO many expectations. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be doing great work as DJs but one of the good things about moving to the mornington peninsula has been that there is a more relaxed vibe that brings it back to what is important. A celebration with your family and friends.

I think one thing I’m trying to emphasise with my wedding DJ clients is to start from “ordinary”. Get the basics nailed and then go EXTRA on top of that. What would you be happy with at the bare minimum?

Then everything extra is a bonus which will bring you a lot less stress and a LOT more fun.