The Griffin Alliance Difference

The Griffin Alliance difference from every other Wedding DJ company

  • You insist on working with experts. We have been tuning our rating system and sifting DJs for 20 years so that you get the cream of the crop.
  • You value insight and experience over sales pitch. Every person in our team is a passionate, active, working wedding DJ who just wants to make your wedding awesome.
  • Your vision for the perfect day matters more to you than your ego being stroked. From us you will get no pointless congratulatory emails and gifts – thats wasting your time & money – share your vision and we will create a day that matches. We create from your vision, not from a template.
  • You value your time. We will use our access to the opinions of thousands of couples to match you will the best DJ available with zero fuss. We won’t be coming to your house with a sales pitch.
  • You are committed to your wedding being a once in a lifetime event for those you love. Our team consists of 19 people who have demonstrated over 2 decades that the most important day of a person’s life must be treated as such.
  • You know the value of relationships. We have worked directly with over 5000 couples, if we are available on your wedding day and you think we are the right choice for your vision we can DJ for you personally. We’re not just Sales people like other DJ companies.
  • Remember that we are real people so please be real with us – chat with us, let us know what of this is helpful, what is not and what you need that we are not putting out there – everything we are giving you comes from feedback from over 5000 brides – every bit of feedback makes this better for brides in the future!