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Wedding DJ and MC Griffin Alliance Victoria and South Australia

Wedding DJ and MC Griffin Alliance Victoria

A great MC (Master of Ceremonies) makes a huge difference to your wedding day.

We can supply you with an MC service in addition to our DJ service or we can also recommend a few great local MCs that we have worked with that are great for corporate, Weddings and Cultural groups.

We charge extra for our DJ service as we do a lot of extra work before your wedding to make sure we know a lot more than just what type of music you like! We need to know the history of your families, friends and guests as well as your preference from a casual wedding all the way through to a formal event.

Wedding MC options

There are basically 4 options with your wedding MC
1. Get a member of your family or close friend to do it. Someone that knows you both really well and are confident at public speaking can be a great option. We can help you sort out the timings and run sheets so that they can just do the fun part.

2. Get a separate professional MC to do it. Someone with great speaking skills that can keep your wedding flowing seamlessly throughout the night and work with your other vendors to make sure everything works in harmony. Having a separate MC is also great because they can roam throughout the night unlike a DJ that is tied to the decks and unlike a friend or family, it’s their job to make sure everything runs smoothly and they have the experience working with others. A separate professional MC is a great option if you have a large wedding, where they may need to roam around the room to keep everyone engaged and give the DJ extra time to maintain mic levels and play music seamlessly.

3. Get your DJ to also MC. If you have a DJ that has also been trained to MC then this is an option. It’s often economical as it’s the one person instead of getting another vendor in but there are a few pitfalls. The Dj will be attached to the mixing desk somewhat as the music and microphone volumes will be managed there which means there are some limitations with speeches (different people speak at different volumes) and things like the introduction where it may be impossible to mix the number of songs while also doing the introductions without some changes. This can be alleviated somewhat if you have a function venue manager that can look after some of the items such as checking the cars have arrived for the exit etc that a stand alone MC can orchestrate.

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