Before Donald Trump took office in 2017, it was common practice to make every person attending a meeting at the White House to put their phone in a basket and leave it outside the meeting room. The idea was that everyone should be engaged in the meeting and not distracted.

We’re finding that even with Unplugged weddings there is still the odd guest that pulls out their phone or tablet during the ceremony and ruins your professional photographer shots as well as taking your guests “out of the moment”. It’s what we in the industry call “doing a Sharon”.

Here’s how to make sure your family and friends can’t pull a Trump in the middle of your ceremony:
1. Get a 2-3 big boxes or baskets that will fit in with your ceremony decor. Buy some post-it notes, rubber bands and markers.

2. Organise at least 2-3 people (cousins or kids are good for this and it gives them a way to be included in your wedding) to go around prior to the ceremony and pick up mobile phones and tablets. You may need to frisk the “Sharons” for their decoy phones. Get guests to write their names on the post-it note. Have Prozac available for distressed guests.

3. Enjoy your wedding.

4. Give back their phones after the ceremony or sell them to fund your honeymoon.