There are lots of differences between bands and DJs at weddings. They both have their Pros and Cons. Since we have heaps of information about DJs on our site, I’ll go through the main differences with bands:

  • Live music is great and creates a great vibe.
  • Bands are better for live music and generally specific genres (ie some bands are awesome at rock music, others at RnB etc) there are also bands that cover the full spectrum but I would go for a theme if you’re going for a band as the ones that do a “bit of everything” are often not that great at anything unless theyre big $$$
  • How much space do you have? A 4 piece with amps and drums takes up about 4-5 metres squared and not all venues have a stage or enough room.
  • Cost: an equivalent band will cost 2-4 times as much as a DJ (of the same standard) as there are
  • Some venues have Noise Restrictions that mean they don’t allow bands due to the noise of the instruments (especially drums) which are often above the limot just by themselves without amplification
  • Do you like band music? We find a lot of our customers like RnB wedding DJs or also want a little bit of dance music too, something really difficult for most wedding bands.
    – How much does your venue charge for Supplier Meals? Some venues are great and only charge a nominal fee for your DJ, photographer, band, videographer etc but you will find that some venues charge upwards of $180 a head, so that adds almost $600 to the price of the band.
  • Which bands are available? There are very few good entertainers and bands are definitely in short supply, if you can’t find a good one then it might be worth looking for more options
  • Bands usually play 3 sets throughout the night, usually one through entree, then another dancing set after mains and the last set after desserts. We find most of our customers use us because we DJ through the whole rest of the night and usually have people dancing for 2-4 hours straight after the formalities are over. With bands its often a bit more of a peak experience. Both have positives, you just need to decide what you prefer personally.