I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ana and David Kolembus at a few events including some Melbourne Wedding Group events. David has worked as Head chef in some of Melbourne’s great Italian restaurants and has a great feel for Mediterranean cuisine, probably helped by his years as a chef on private yachts!

After 20 years, David is now busy in Melbourne training his team of chefs to now deliver amazing culinary experiences for private events throughout Victoria

Ana is a communications gun, with a marketing and writing background with a decade’s worth of Events experience. After working as a sous chef with David, their new business took form into what we see today; Your Private Chef.

We recommend  Ana and David to all our wedding and corporate clients, we love their flexibility to work in kitchens, outdoors or delivery for anything from Gourmet BBQ to full 3 course sit down dinners. Definitely get in touch with them if you’re looking for fresh ingredients and full flavours.

Check them out here:

Ana Kolembus

Phone: 03 9018 9321