Hey there, it’s David Bartholomeusz here from Griffin Alliance DJs, once again.  Hey, how are you going? I’m just at the National Wine Centre.  I just want to show you around outside before we go in, in case you’re considering this venue for your wedding reception.

NWC-250315aYou can see this beautiful outdoor area where everyone gets together beforehand, absolutely fantastic!  And then, you get the view right in to the Botanic Gardens as well.  So, it’s a beautiful outdoor space where people can come and gather beforehand.  Now the thing I really like most about the National Wine Centre and why I think it’s worth checking out is because there’s a lot of different spaces so you have got a lot of different options in terms of what you can do here.  I’m DJing in this small room over here called the Vine’s room, which, for up to 50 people is absolutely fine and they’re having a beautiful cocktail party.  In here, you’ve got the grand ballroom and it’s just absolutely massive.  So, there’s also two other rooms that you can use as well.  So you’ve got a really a big range of option from a very small intimate group to a huge, massive wedding as well.  So, whatever is your group size, it’s really worth coming in here and having a chat with the team.  They’re very professional.  Misty is the person I’m working with tonight and she’s been absolutely fantastic and so organized.

NWC-250315bSo, I’ll just run you around in to the Vine’s room so you can check that out and have a look what they have done with the place.  Probably, the number one drawback for this venue, I would say it’s that it’s a little bit clinical, so, if you want to have a real country feel to the music and the setting and that sort of stuff then some other venues are really good for that.  So, you know, that’s not you’re not going get a vintage wedding for your day out this venue but in terms of having a great time, this venue is absolutely ideal. The other thing that I’ll point out a huge pro of this venue is their production team and their operations team are just absolutely spot on because they do a large number of events.  So, you kind of get almost an international hotel level of service.  So, to sum up this venue and like I said, no matter what your wedding size, this venue has got a room for you.  This is David Bartholomeusz from Griffin Alliance DJs. Hope it’s useful for you.