Hi, it’s DJ Dave here, just reporting in from Gomersal Winery.  Just in case you’re thinking about having your reception here, just to give you a bit of an idea of what the place is like.

Gomersal1So, I’ll just talk a little bit about the pros and cons of the venue.  I’m not really here to tell whether it’s good or bad because as you’ve probably already know, it’s not about a venue is good or bad, it’s about whether it’s right for you.  So, I have to say I’ve not seen this venue done up this nicely, it’s just absolutely fantastic and it’s a real credit to the team here and that’s probably my number one pro for Gomersal Winery as a wedding reception venue.  It’s that Gaby and her team are just 100% supportive with doing what you want to do.  Last time I was here, I saw this venue done complete differently but it’s just absolutely fantastic!

gomersalProbably the biggest con, I would say for this venue, is the sound restrictions.  It’s not to say, do not come here, absolutely not!  The sound level is pretty good but it’s not high, high so, if you want to have a crazy, crazy party with lots and lots of loud music, this is probably not your best choice.  They would love you to be able to turn the music up really loud but they’ve got neighbors that just force you to lower the music

Gomersal2So, just gonna come over here and show you the cake because whoever made this cake just needs 10,000 gold medals.  Look at that, chocolate on the one side and there’s the traditional wedding cake on the other.  It’s just so phenomenal!

So, sound aside, there is probably one other factor to consider, it’s a pro or con and you can actually see it and not see it today, which is, this venue needs a fair bit done to it to look awesome, so, that might be a con but as you can see , if you’re willing to put in the effort, having a venue like this is an absolute pro because  you can do with exactly the way you want and once again that‘s where Gaby and the team come in, They are so supportive of allowing you to be creative and just do whatever you like with this venue.

So that’s Gomersal Winery, reviewed for its suitability as a wedding reception venue.  Thank you for checking it out.