A lot of brides ask me this question, as they only hire a wedding DJ once but I have done it over 5000 times. Here is the recipe that had us independently voted the best multi-operator DJ service in Adelaide last year


1: Book about 12-20 months out

This is simple supply & demand. Unless you have a time machine, myself and the other top 10 DJs in Adelaide can only DJ 52 Saturdays a year. That’s 520 weddings that we can do. There are about 6000 weddings to be done. We book out. And pretty much all of us are booked out for most dates about a year in advance. So if you want the best, get in first. Once we have promised a bride we wont change our booking no matter how much money you offer. That’s one of the reasons we came to be known as the best!


2: Use someone who has won awards

An experienced, hard working DJ has a lot of brides wanting to tell the powers that be that they did a stellar job at their wedding, and like all industries there are bodies that collect this information and then make it publicly available. One of the other things they do is give us permission to use special logos that identify us as industry leaders. The touchstone for me is that if a DJ has an award from two independent industry groups, they are usually a cut above the rest.


3: Use someone who has good independent ratings

Without external accountability even the best of the best have no incentive to give your wedding the personal attention and service it deserves. Ensure that your DJ has signed themselves up for such a service and that your personally will have the chance to deliver scores & feedback to the service after the wedding.


4: Choose someone who charges between $700 and $1200

I place DJs at all sorts of events ranging from children’s parties to 21sts, huge corporate events, and at regular pub & club gigs. After analyzing the data from over 15,000 DJ placements I have a very good understanding of what investment creates what result. If a DJ plays the wrong song at a specific time at a kids party of 21st, this often makes no difference to the enjoyment of the event. However, that same error as you and your husband step on the dance floor for your first dance represents a fundamental failure of your event. We have fond the sweet spot for ensuring that the DJ is qualified for your wedding, but not getting ripped off by someone who is okay, but is not rating any higher than someone half other price is between $700 and $1200. Below $700 the DJ may make a fundamental error and ruin the most important day of your life. Once you get to $1200, paying more wont usually yield you any better result.


David Bartholomeusz has DJed at 797 wedding and knows that no 2 weddings are alike through helping over 5000 brides from Adelaide, and Rural South Australia and Melbourne and Country Victoria prepare for the most important day of their life and connect with the best available DJ in their area.