So you have a potential DJ in the phone. What can you ask them that will quickly give you a gauge of whether they might be the right person to have behind the decks on your wedding day?


1: Who might I know that you have DJed for?

This is a question worth asking, as an experienced DJ will be confident that you will know someone they have DJed for, since they have DJed at may weddings. By asking this you also get to see how the DJ reacts to pressure & scrutiny. On the night there will be plenty of that so get a taste of how they handle the pressure before the big night!

2: Can we request songs?

If the DJ says no to this questions, don’t book them. What ever they say, it means one of 3 things and all are bad. Either they are inexperienced and don’t know what songs to say no to, they are a club DJ who only plays one style of music and ant be versatile for all your friends & family, or they are lazy and just want to play generic party winners all night and not make the wedding unique and truly yours. 


3: Can I meet the person who will cover for you if you get sick?

If they say no, it means that they don’t have a backup plan in place. Veteran weddings DJs have experienced accidents & illness and so they know that a backup plan is need for the most important day of your life. Listen to their backup plan. If it sounds well thought out, you want have found the right DJ for your wedding!


4: Have you won any awards?

There are independent organisations that recognise outstanding service in the wedding industry. These groups usually take feedback scores from brides to decide who deserves to wear their badges of honour. These organisations also seek out the best in the industry as their reputation depends on recommending only the best. So if someone has awards from more than one industry group, they are probably a straight shooter!

David Bartholomeusz has DJed at 797 wedding and knows that no 2 weddings are alike through helping over 5000 brides from Adelaide, and Rural South Australia and Melbourne and Country Victoria prepare for the most important day of their life and connect with the best available DJ in their area.