Griffin Alliance Wedding DJ: Top Ten First Dance Song Tips!

For anyone about to get married in Adelaide or Melbourne; our wedding DJ can assist with the difficult task of selecting the right first wedding dance song. Take a look at the following terrific wedding tips that are guaranteed to make easy work of a task that is quite hard for most couples. Regardless of if you are thinking of live music or considering a wedding DJ to entertain you and your guests; this information will definitely help with choosing your first dance song. Get ready for some wicked tunes and hopefully some smooth moves on the dance floor!

Our Adelaide and Melbourne wedding DJ knows first-hand how many couples struggle with choosing the best first dance song. But rest assured these sure-fire tips will have you both gliding effortlessly across the dance floor like a couple of old dancing pros; left feet and all!

  1. Choose lyrics that tell the story of you and your beloved; something that defines who you are as a couple. Generally the old classics are popular and safe choices. These also tend to be very romantic and stylishly elegant.
  2. Never select a song that either of you don’t particularly like or one that was special to either of you in another relationship. Not a good idea!
  3. Timeless is best as it has to last throughout the years. Will you still enjoy listening to your wedding song in 25 or 30 years times? Wedding DJ advice is to choose wisely!
  4. Check out each other’s music collections – CD’s, old records and even those of your parents as you may come across something perfect! Worth looking at!
  5. It’s vital to pick a wedding dance song that you and your husband can dance to! Sounds like common sense, but this one’s a common issue especially if one or both of you cannot dance. Dance lessons will take care of this problem and you should at least speak to a dance instructor or someone that can dance as to what style of dance would best suit the song!
  6. Regardless of how much someone loves a song; if it has lyrics that would make your grandmother blush; don’t even consider using it! Seriously let it go! Just say no and choose something without any derogative innuendos or sexually explicit language!
  7. Songs like Frank Sinatra’s – ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ or Phil Collins – ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’ are great old fashioned classic choices. You may also like to invite your maid of honour and best man to join you on the dance floor early; like asap if you are really nervous! If you need a Wedding MC then let us know, it can make a huge difference!
  8. How about injecting some humour if you don’t really like the seriousness of the whole first dance scenario but feel obligated to include it? Songs like Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off’ or even South Pacific’s ‘I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair’!
  9. It’s best to keep the first dance down to four minutes or less. Any longer than that feels like for ever and you also run the risk of boring your wedding guests!
  10. Practice makes perfect! This goes for the dance itself as well as making sure the band knows the song if having live music. Your wedding DJ also needs to be informed of your choice.

So now that you’re equipped with these fabulous Wedding DJ tips; it’s onwards to adventure! Time to learn how to move it on the dance floor! Now what about that Father – Daughter dance?

If you’re looking for a professional Wedding DJ or MC in South Australia or Victoria then we’re waiting for your call!