I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but using an iPod rather than DJ for your party might be a good idea!

Here’s three things to consider:

– How important is music to your event?
Some parties don’t have music as a core part so it may be fine using an iPod.

– How much money are you spending?
If you’re spending a lot on a party then it makes sense to spend about 10% to 50% on entertainment (depending on how important it is to you). A professional DJ outfit will charge at least $50 an hour, even at mates rates.

– If you do use an iPod, hire a professional sound system. Home stereo systems and computer sound systems aren’t build for extended periods of loud usage. Unless it is a very expensive system (ie $2-10k) it is unlikely that it will be able to do much more than background music for extended periods. It’s quite common for them to burn out when your friends turn it up because they think it’s too quiet. Griffin Alliance hire out iPod Sound systems that suit parties up to 200 people starting from $150 including delivery, they’re the same systems we use for our DJs, so you can be sure they’re right for your party.

Daniel Toop

Griffin Alliance Victoria