We use the principles of permission marketing in most of our client facing interactions. If you are not sure what permission marketing is then we have produced a primer:

1. Opt In (Permission to market)

Your clients have to request to join in a conversation that includes what is happening at your venue. 

The system you make for adding new members must allow a Yes or a No. It must also allow for easy opt-outs.

2. Relevant

Once you have members that want to receive messages, you need to supply them with information that is relevant to THEM. Always keep in mind that what is beneficial to your hotel or nightclub may not be what is beneficial or relevant to your member. Always stop and think if what you are about to send adds any value to your clients.

3. Anticipated

If you have a member that signs up then respect their privacy and message them only when it is relevant to them. Spamming messages, emails and SMS will quickly make all of your messages seem irrelevant to the member. You want your members to enjoy getting a message from you rather than dreading it.


Why does Griffin Alliance use Permission Marketing

1. Loyalty

Loyal customers want to be a part of your community. In the good times and the bad.

2. Price Insensitivity

Your competitors will always offer cheaper drinks, expensive entertainment and new refurbishments. Loyal customers will be less prone to switching for venue to venue.

3. Low cost of advertising

Membership databases, Social Network Profiles and email/SMS updates are a very cheap way of informing your members about what is happening compared to traditional Print and Advertising media.


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