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We hire all kinds of lighting for events, architectural, uplighting, intelligent, party all the way through to old school par cans and mirror balls.

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It’s astounding the difference that well placed lights can make to an event for a fraction of the cost of most decorations. Here at Griffin Alliance we specialize in creating smart, high impact lighting applications to bring out the best in the natural features of any venue and to enhance the impact of the decorations.

Many of our clients have hired a DJ with us and place a high priority on creating an atmosphere where guests will get up & dance the night away, and our experience in delivering safe, cost effective, low disturbance, high impact dance floor lighting solutions is unparalleled.

With the right dance floor lighting, we enhance the impact of the DJ and sound system, maximizing that investment by providing a visually stimulating dance floor environment.

How we do this can differ depending on the location & event.

When we are doing a refined wedding in inner city Melbourne or at a manor house in Victoria’s Yarra Valley we are likely to recommend low profile, floor mounted moving up lights that can be switched on after the formalities of the wedding finish to provide exciting moving colours above the dance floor area without shining light beams in guests eyes.

When we are catering for a birthday party in South Australia’s Barossa Valley or the Adelaide Hills we might recommend the use of water wave lights to create motion on every wall as well as a combination for floor mounted moving LED lights and a smoke machine to convert the dance floor area in to a party zone for all to enjoy.

Our team also specialise in the use of low profile, high powered LED up lights that can transform a wedding or event venue from just another event space in to a jaw dropping display of the synergy that can be created when thoughtful use of light and colour is combined with floral arrangements and natural features within the venue.

Our aim is always to understand your vision for the perfect day and to show you how light and colour can be applied to your event space to bring out the potential hidden within the space and to highlight the unique decorations that you have chosen to make the space unique on your special day.


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