DJ Training

We used to do a lot of beginners DJ training session over the last 15 years (Melbourne and Adelaide), recently the cost of beginner equipment has plummeted in price and it’s now possible to purchase a beginner’s DJ setup to practice yourself and save hundreds of dollars in lessons.

We still hold paid practice sessions at Griffin Alliance, but we no longer offer the beginners classes as there are hundreds of online courses that can help a beginner get a handle on the basics. We can hire you some equipment to practice with if you’re keen to try it out before taking the plunge to buy your first beginner set up.

We often get asked where the best place is to learn, since there are a thousand online (and in-person) DJ Academys. It’s a simple choice for us. After learning by “jacking in” with over 10 different DJs and learning the ropes from them, I then DJ’d for a few years and created a learning manual to teach other new DJs so that they didnt have to spend the hundreds of hours of had graft that I did and distilled it down into lessons. One of my pupils was DJ Davey T and he has graciously released his training videos on Youtube. You know get to experience thousands of dollars of training for free!

What gear should I buy before starting?
We recommend you either hire some DJ equipment OR start with a simple DJ controller. Often you can borrow these from a DJ that you may know, quite often we keep backups and old gear around for an emergency and happy to lend to people to learn the craft. Beginners DJ controllers are so cheap that it’s not a huge outlay anyway!
We also recommend you use some good headphones and to begin with you can use an adapter to run into your high end hi-fi or computer speaker set up (Stereo systems usually have an RCA input for “CD” or “Tape” that you can use. For computer speakers you will need an RCA/jack/XLR for your Master Output on your decks to a female 1/8 inch jack to plug into your computer speakers.


Know your DJ Cables (RCA, Jack, XLR)


Know your Speakers
(Active speakers have their amplifer inside the speaker enclosure, Passive speakers have a separate Speaker box and Amplifier unit)


DJ Mixers and decks intro


Introducing the Pioneer CDJ. The basis of all modern DJ decks and Controllers


In depth into DJ mixers


Hands-on: Playing your first tracks


Advanced Concepts: Introduction


Advanced Concepts: Beat Mixing part


Advanced Concepts: Phrasing Introduction


Advanced Concepts: Mixing between decks


Advanced Concepts: Phrasing in the mix


Advanced Concepts: Sampling Intro


Advanced Concepts: Telepraphing a mix


Advanced Concepts: EQing (equalisation)


Advanced Concepts: Putting it together


The most important thing before your first gig: Fault Checking


Solutions to common DJ Problems with your equipment


Looking after your equipment: Cable Rolling


Tripods for DJ Speakers

How to set up speaker in “Foldback” orientation (Mackie SRM450 demonstation)


Now What?
Once you’ve gone through this beginners training yourself and want to improve your skills then feel free to hit us up for lessons to fix any of your bad habits or to learn intermediate and advanced skills.


Paid DJ work in Victoria and South Australia?
If you’re already a competent DJ and looking for more paid work then drop us a line on our employment form. Please make sure you fit with Griffin Alliance Values, they’re non-negotiable and why we’re one of the most trusted DJ businesses in Australia.